Weirdest Gambling Games

Games of chance as we know them like poker, blackjack and roulette might seem somewhat different to those that are not used to gambling but are by far not the weirdest games of chance that you can get. Let us take at a look at four of the more unconventional gambling games that is being played currently in the world.

Belgium Birdsong

As the title suggests this game started in Belgium and as you can imagine involves birds of song. A group of birds are placed in individual cages across a games floor. Players then place their bets on which bird they think will sing the longest and the loudest. The birds are then provoked to each sing in turn. Being a seasoned bird watcher clearly has its perks as in this gambling game knowing your avian species is definitely the key to put you at the top of your game. When the winner is decided, in some places, pigeons are then brought in to do their thing in entertaining players with their song as a downtime.

Tic Tac Toe Chicken

Staying with the avian theme let us look at another weird gambling game. I chicken in a cage is placed on a grid of tic tac toe. Each slot on the grid has a button and is covered in feed. You the player make your selection against the chicken. The chicken will trigger a button as it eats the feed, triggering their selection. This game is apparently very popular in traveling casinos in The United States of America with the best playing chicken being a hen called ginger. Ginger’s performances are scheduled from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily and the if you manage to defeat this trained chicken, you can win up to $10 000.

Rodent Roulette

Moving away from the bird life but sticking with animals, rodent roulette is probably the most unique take on an already existing game. Traditionally this game is played with a gerbil, but rats, mice, hamsters and other rodents have been known to be used. The game works exactly as it normally would, except instead of a ball rolling around a roulette wheel a cage with the rodent is placed in a still mounted wheel.

The rodent will then eventually choose a pocket to lie in as the ball normally would. Thus, the winner is determined. Venues where this game is played as said that the rodents are handled with great respect and live a good life. They are after all the money makers.

Spanish 21

It is not so much that the game itself is weird and unusual but. In all respects the game works exactly as the traditional blackjack. Each card has a value and the aim is to make 21 and defeat the dealer that has to hold at 16 or 17 unless he hits a 21. What makes this gambling game weirder, is that traditionally the cards are dealt, after being shuffled, from a shoe. Some even say it should dealt from the dealers shoe that is placed on the table.