Tips and Strategies for New Roulette Players

Roulette is one of those special casino games. With its heavy reliance on plain luck, it almost epitomises the spirit of gambling and casinos, and can be both enticing and intimidating. There are, however, a few methods and strategies that can vastly improve the chance of winning. For beginners, they can also allow one to play and learn the game at a relaxed pace.

Learn The Basics

By reading this you probably already realise it, but, nevertheless, it’s worth pointing out that it’s a good idea to have at least a cursory knowledge of the game and its rules before playing. The internet is full of information on roulette, so carry on researching.

If you are at a casino, perhaps also consider hanging around a table and observing the game for a while before playing.

Look for European Tables

Most beginners won’t know this, but there is a difference between the “house edge” of American and European roulette tables.

The “house edge” is the inbuilt statistical advantage in odds that the game has over a player in terms of how much they will likely win or lose, over time.

American roulette has a high house edge of 5.26% due it having an extra 0.

European roulette, however, has a much lower house edge of 2.70%, giving the average casual/beginner player a much better chance of winning.

You might not have the option of choosing, but always check, just in case.

The Basic Strategies

“Sticking to the outside” is a common and simple method for beginners. It means sticking to betting only on “red and black”, “high and low”, or “odd and even”, etc, and staying away from making other, riskier, spread out combined bets.

This has generally proven to be statistically safer and provide more consistent wins, with low profit, but at a relaxed pace (if you stick to it).

Otherwise, other famous standard methods include the Martingale, Fibonacci, and D’Alembert systems, which are a bit more technical but not difficult to learn.

Some Tips And Things To Keep In Mind

  • Roulette is a game of chance. The win will always be random and hard to predict. Sticking to a tried and tested method is the best way to improve your chances.
  • Every table has a minimum bet. Sometimes inside and outside bets on same table are different.
  • Multiple bets can be made for each spin. Spreading out bets can increase chance of winning, but they can also cause you to lose So be careful.
  • Payouts will vary according to the bet. Outside bets are recommended because they are small and low risk (so good for learning).
  • The house edge differs on American and European Roulette tables.
  • When using any of the strategies/systems in roulette, don’t expect positive results immediately, or with any single play, but rather over time. Stick to the strategy and you’ll eventually see it pay off.
  • Above all, have fun! Roulette is actually one of the less “serious” casino games and its okay to let loose and have fun (with all of the above in mind of course).