Things to Remember before Downloading A Pokies App

App stores have made access to apps an instant and gratifying event. There truly is an app for almost everything – from managing everyday life to streamlining specific tasks. App stands for Application. Apps are specially designed tools for online and mobile users in order to achieve a certain outcome.

Apps are usually not brand-specific, and as such work on a variety of systems and are compatible with everything online and mobile. The mobile casino app is no exception. There are a number of things to keep in mind when downloading an app from which to access all of your favourite mobile pokies.

The Mobile Device Compatibility Factor

Mobile casino apps function well with the majority of mobile device brands.  Hiccups tend to arise in the event that the mobile device does not have a touch screen. In instances like this, players must ensure that their mobile devices are compatible with the pokies app. Canadian casino online websites offer a lot of information in an attempt to make the online and gambling experience a hassle-free one. Most sites have a page dedicated to indicating compatible devices.

In the event that you are unable to find your mobile device on the online casino’s compatibility list, simply download the app and attempt to run it on your device. You will be able to see immediately whether the app is compatible with your mobile device or not.  If not, it’s simply a matter of removing the particular pokies app from your device and trying another.

Sending and Receiving Payments

Top 5 Aussie pokies games support a number of payment methods including e-wallets, credit cards, debit cards and even instant payment processes such as funding your mobile wallet from the credit available on your phone. Utilising your phone bill as a payment method is more secure than the use of a credit card, and certainly preferable.

Ensure that the pokies app of your choice supports your preferred method of making and receiving payments.

Reputable Software Providers

When choosing an app, it is important to consider the credentials of the software provider as far as online safety and security are concerned. It’s vital to take personal responsibility to safeguard your money and not rely solely on the application to manage this on your behalf.

It’s usually quite easy to see whether the developers and licence owners of a particular application have done their bit in order to ensure that not only your money, but also your privacy is respected at all times.

Mobile Game Availability

Choosing a pokies app that does not support the pokies that you love to play would be completely senseless and a waste of time. The very idea is to have fun and to be able to enjoy the games that you love.

Most apps are designed in such a way that a list of the available pokies can be viewed before the app is downloaded onto the player’s mobile device. This will save time and money later on.

General Functionality

When downloading a pokies app it’s important to choose an app with decent functionality and a user-friendly interface. There are many brilliant apps available as far as mobile casino sites go, but there are also a number of poor apps hiding in the crevices of cyber space. A pet peeve is without a doubt connectivity issues. Apps of a poor quality are generally unstable and unable to run consistently connection-wise. These apps are to be avoided as they only cause frustration later on.


When in doubt, find out what others are saying. The value of an insightful review must not be underestimated. Reviews are compiled by those who have been there and done that – those who have burnt their fingers on the flames of inexperience.  There is no need to repeat the entire unpleasant experience.

Reviews do not merely serve to warn concerning the common pitfalls, but will always make reference to the alternative too. Recommendations are handy when choosing the pokies app that will suit your specific needs.

What to Avoid When Choosing a Pokies App

Certain aspects associated with apps should make red flags go up. Perhaps the first of these should be poor and unmanageable software. It’s not that difficult to determine this. The overall quality and user-interface is bound to be poor and difficult to manage. Functions and options will not work as they should and there will be little to no support as far as a help menu is concerned.

Next up, and certainly not less critical, is unrealistic promises. Software and applications laying claim to being able to bring the sun, the moon and the stars to each and every player out there must be sidestepped. These are unrealistic goals and generally a reflection of the overall dismall situation as a whole.

Another red light is a bad reputation. This once again involves reviews. If an application has a reputation for being of poor or even suspect quality, there is bound to be a negative review out there.

The fact of the matter is that there are over 500 000 applications currently available for download, of which no small number involves online pokies software. There is no reason to go with a poorly designed app, as there are so many excellent alternatives around.

Fast Tips and Tricks

Apps stores usually have a handy list of of recommended apps for any conceivable purpose. These are generally presented in the form of a Top 25 or a Top 50 Chart. On these lists you will find all of the applications that are frequently and repeatedly downloaded – in other words, the cream of the crop, all of the top sellers. There is usually also the option to search by category, making the best pokies app a quick and easy find.

When all is said and done, and all is tried and tested, chances are that you will have at least one friend who will have the same passion for pokies as you.  Ask around, good advice is usually free.