Ocean Princess Simple Three-Reel Online Slot Review

With this colourful aquatic world of crustaceans, seahorses, starfish and sea turtles, presided over by the beautiful, flaxen-haired Ocean Princess, online game developer Playtech have put a special spin on the traditional three-reel format.

Ocean Princess is a relatively uncomplicated slot because it has only a single payline, no bonus games, no scatter symbols, and no multiplier. However, Playtech has kept things interesting by incorporating multi-spin play – which will be explained in a moment – and giving it five rows instead of the more common three.

The Ocean Princess Multi-Spin Feature

Multi-Spin is the latest innovation in Canada slot machines game and it makes playing slots like Ocean Princess considerably more entertaining and potentially much more lucrative. In Ocean Princess, multi-spin works like this:

After the reels have spun, the three symbols in the bottom row appear first, while the other rows remain blank. Ocean Princess players may then choose to “hold” one, two or all three of the symbols before the reels spin again and the remaining symbols appear. Holding a symbol causes that symbol to remain in place and all the symbols in the same reel to be identical to it – it is tantamount to stacking and holding the entire reel. This also explains the absence of the scatter symbol from the Ocean Princess reels.

So if, for example, the gold anchor appears twice in the bottom row after the initial spin, players may want to hold both of these reels, by clicking the “hold” buttons beneath each reel. That way, landing a third gold anchor anywhere on the remaining reel will create a triple and yield a win.

Alternatively, if the combination of symbols on the bottom row does not seem particularly promising, Ocean Princess players may opt not to hold any symbols.

The Ocean Princess’s Crown is Wild

As mentioned, the Ocean Princess reels are awash with an array of sea creatures. But some are more valuable than others. The big fish, of course, is the wild – although, in this case, it is not a fish at all but, rather, the Ocean Princess’s crown.

The Ocean Princess wild crown is a standard wild in that it can substitute any other symbol to complete winning combinations. A combination of three wild crowns in a row is also the most valuable in the game – amounting to a sizeable 1000x the wager.

Other relatively valuable symbols include the various starfishes, paying out 125x, 100x and 75x for red, gold and green, respectively. A nice touch in Ocean Princess is that lesser payouts occur for crabs, seahorses, turtles, anchors and starfish – even if their colours do not match.

Under-the-Sea Slot Currency and Symbols

Although Ocean Princess has only one payline per spin, players may vary their play by increasing or decreasing the number of coins, as well as the coin value, which they bet. Ocean Princess players may wager between one and five coins per spin, with coin values ranging from 0.01 to 5.00 credits. This makes the highest possible bet per spin 25.00 in Ocean Princess.

Because the Ocean Princess betting system is a little unusual, it’s a good idea for players to keep bet sizes to the minimum until they become more familiar with how it works.