Mystical Bermuda Triangle Online Slots Game

Bermuda Triangle is a classic look online slots game produced by Playtech the online software company responsible for some of the best slots on the internet. The Bermuda Triangle itself is a large area off the west coast of Florida USA. It is famous for being an area where many ships and aeroplanes have mysteriously vanished without a trace. Many conspiracy theories have been circulated explaining why this area of ocean is so unique and dangerous. In any case it is a great theme for a slots game and will attract more than a few players.

Easy to Learn

Bermuda Triangle is one of those games that truly represent the look and feel of a classic slots game. Players looking for flashy graphics, high quality animation or sound effects will be disappointed to find that this game is just about the basics. That being said, this is the perfect game for those players just starting out and looking for an easy to learn slot that will get them into the swing of things. This game will also appeal to all classic mobile pokies NZ fans with a like the look and feel of an old-school slot.

3-reels and 5 Paylines

The Bermuda Triangle online slot game doesn’t have much to go on about. The game itself is a 3-reel five payline slot with no wild symbols, no autoplay feature, no scatter symbols, no free spins, no multipliers and no bonus rounds. On the reels you will find a host of symbols all relating to the triangle and the seafaring crafts that have disappeared into oblivion. The full list of symbols includes a dolphin, a giant squid, a shark, a ship and an aeroplane.

High Paying Symbols

The highest paying symbol in the Bermuda Triangle online slots game is the ship symbol. In the game players can increase the number of paylines by increasing the coin numbers. The ship symbol will pay out 400 coins if a single coin is bet. It will pay out 500 coins for a 2 coin bet and 600 for a 3 coin bet. When players win with a four coin be the game will pay out 700 coins and with all 5 coins bet the ship will pay out the maximum 100 coins in this game.

A No-Nonsense Slot

In the Bermuda Triangle online slots game, matching up any three symbols across the reels will pay out a win. One of the advantages of this game is that the game will also pay out for mixed symbols. In this game mixed animal symbols will pay out a win as well as mixed ships and planes. At the end of the day, this game is not the most complicated of slots. It is the ideal started game for anyone who wants to get their feet wet playing slots for reel money. For those classic slot fans, this game is good back-to-basic slots with a no-nonsense approach to the gameplay. In this game, playing the maximum number of coins is the only way to make sure that players stand a chance to decent money.