€7 Million winner on Hall of Gods

Hall of Gods makes on Winner €7 Million Richer

While you might feel jealous about hearing of a €7 Million winner on Hall of Gods, the good part about this is that players can feel confident that it is actually possible to win these big jackpot prizes. In April 2015, a new €7 Million winner on the Hall of Gods was announced, and was recorded as one of the biggest jackpots that have ever been won online. This in itself is a great incentive for online players to keep on trying their luck with this slot game.

The Hall of Gods slot game is provided by Net Entertainment, one of the leaders in this industry. While this €7 Million winner on Hall of Gods was certainly one of the biggest wins that the game has paid out, there have been other big jackpots wins over the years. Two Swedish players won big jackpots in 2014. Both of these winners actually came at Betsson.

The reason this €7 Million winner on Hall of Gods kept playing the game with the chance to win is because this is progressive jackpot style of slot game. This means that the jackpot keeps on increasing until somebody is able to claim the big win. If it has been a long time since the last win, then this jackpot can reach some quite high levels, Because of these ever increasing jackpot amounts, the game was able to produce the next €7 Million winner on Hall of Gods.

Other Hall Of Gods Winners

In 2012, there was another €7 Million winner on Hall of Gods. This time it was a Norwegian player who was fortunate enough to claim the big win, and take home the big payout. This forty year old man was playing a quiet game on Tuesday, when he found himself to be the next €7 Million winner on Hall of Gods.

Because of the way the progressive jackpots work, they are certainly becoming more popular in this ever growing industry. As more players sign in and start playing a certain game, so do the jackpots start increasing. As such, if more players that are betting on Hall of Gods, this will result in jackpots rising quicker and higher. Because of the increasing numbers in players, the jackpots are able to reach these staggeringly large amounts, and can then produce some big winners.

Win With Other Slot Games

In addition to Hall of Gods, Net Entertainment has released over 300 other online bingo and slots games. Some work on very similar principles to Hall of Gods, while others are quite different. Some of the most popular slot games include Exclusive Glow, Immortal Romance, and of course the much talked about game of Pimped. In order to be in line with a chance to win a big jackpot, players have to actually play the real money version of the game.

Players should also read the details about what is required in order to be eligible to win these big payouts. In many cases, players must place the maximum bet in order to actually have a chance of winning and claiming one of the large online jackpot prizes that are on offer.