Cop The Lot Online Slot Reviewed

Cop the Lot, created by Playtech Casino, is an online slot machine game. It features a theme based around thieves looting banks, while being chased by a menacing police officer. Depending on how the game is played, and how lucky the player is, the thieves may perform more daring bank heists, or be thrown in jail. The game uses a five reel, twenty play line system, and has a number of bonus mini-games and special features. In order to play, this game will open in an Internet browser on most desktop computers, and does not require any permanent downloads. Play is possible on mobile phones, but may not work on older model phones, or on devices that do not support latest technology. For more information about this, please contact the customer support centre of the website on which you play.

User Interface

Like some internet based slots, Cop the Lot has a relatively simple user interface, with all information displayed around the edges of the screen. The current balance can be seen at the top of the slot game screen, and will update as wins are achieved. At the bottom of the screen is the current bet, which can be raised and lowered as the player prefers using the plus and minus buttons.

At the bottom right is the spin button, which will trigger a single manual spin. To the left of the spin button is the autoplay feature, which allows a number of automatic spins to be taken consecutively, with no input required from the player. Finally, in the upper left are the utility buttons, including a mute button which will switch off the sound, a help button which will give more information about the game, and the options button, which will open a menu that allows customisation of the game and its background image.

Play Symbols and Bonuses

The symbols of the game are based around the theme of cops and robbers, using delightful cartoon characters that come to life and animate when bonus symbols are matched. Some of the special feature symbols include bags of money, stacks of banknotes, and bundles of dynamite. These are played alongside the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. Cop the Lot stands apart from other online slot machine games by having a large number of bonus mini-games, all of which may be triggered by landing a certain combination of symbols.

The bundle of dynamite is the wild symbol, and may match with most other symbols as a replacement, allowing special combinations where none were possible. The smash and grab symbol, represented by a safe, will trigger fifty free spins if matched, allowing massive wins to be achieved with no cost to the player. The usual suspects mini-game is triggered by the symbol featuring the three thugs, and allows the player to make a selection. Depending on the selection made, a huge win may be granted. Finally, the jackpot symbol is represented by the bars of gold. If landing this three times, an instant jackpot payout is granted that is sure to put a smile on any online gambler’s face.