Cash Express by Aristocrat Gaming Machines

Aristocrat Slots Information

Aristocrat is an Australian casino software developer with its headquarters based in Sydney. Cash Express is the title of a range of slot games and slot cabinets created by this software developer. The games belonging to the Cash Express feature are unique in that they share certain jackpot cabinets which are linked by Aristocrat’s patented Hyperlink feature. This feature allows for progressive game jackpots that are continually increasing and being contributed to by all the games in the respective Cash Express cabinet.

Cash Express by Aristocrat Gaming Machines

Cash Express by Aristocrat Gaming Machines includes a number of separate cabinets, each offering games with unique features. However, these games all share a similarity, in that they offer a bonus feature that operates in the same way in each game. Cash Express games offer a bonus feature that can be triggered randomly at any time during the base game. This bonus feature will redirect players of Aristocrat games to a completely separate game screen that contains 5 different reels.

The reels displayed on this separate bonus game screen will begin to spin, and players must click on a reel to stop it from spinning. Once the reel stops, it will display a random number. Players must complete this action for all of the reels in order to reveal a number combination. The higher this number combination is, the higher the jackpot tier that players are awarded.

Hyperlink Feature and Linked Progressive Jackpots

When playing one of the slot games belonging to Cash Express by Aristocrat Gaming Machines, the jackpot awarded to players during the random bonus feature will be part of a progressive jackpot from a number of games. In every Cash Express by Aristocrat Gaming Machines game cabinet, there are a number of games that are linked virtually by the Aristocrat Hyperlink feature. The Cash Express Hyperlink feature is accompanied by its own unique animation and sound effects, displaying a train loaded with cash sailing across the landscape when the feature is activated. This animation is also accompanied by a realistic train sound effect.

This feature allows for continually accumulating progressive jackpots that grow to large amounts quickly, as there are many games contributing to each jackpot. Every player of one of the games featured in Cash Express by Aristocrat Gaming Machines is also guaranteed a jackpot once the bonus feature has been activated.

Cash Express Game Series

The various game cabinets in Cash Express by Aristocrat Gaming Machines include Cash Express First Class, Cash Express Golden Whistle, Cash Express Ticket to Ride, Cash Express City Limits, Cash Express Get on Board and Cash Express Scenic Route. Some of the games in each cabinet may contain unique features to other games, like Cash Express Scenic Route, which offers a maximum credit bet option of 600 coins, making it an ideal game for high rollers.

The Aristocrat Games featured in this cabinet include 5 Dragons and More Chilli. Other Cash Express by Aristocrat Gaming Machines cabinets also offer features like improved bet selections and additional bonus features, while still retaining all the classic features that have become a trademark of new aristocrat slots.