Cash Blox Online Slots Game

Cash Blox is an arcade-inspired online slots game based on the block-matching entertainments of the 1980s. In these games players had to fit the blocks together so that special combinations were formed and then disappeared as more blocks came down.

Cash Blox brings block matching into the Slots arena, and while typical Slot reels are not present, matching the blocks up is equivalent to lining reel symbols up in rewarding combinations. The game, from the respected Playtech label, also features bright colours and graphics that complement its simplicity and immediate excitement.

The Basics of Cash Blox

The objective of this online slots game is to complete entire lines of falling blocks in the playing area on the screen. This is done automatically by the machine itself, and players just need to bet on the lines that will form. A single completed line is a basic win, with double, triple and quadruple consecutive lines all offering increasing payouts. More than 1 non-consecutive line can also be formed by newly-falling blocks, but these will all be rewarded as single line wins. Once a line is completed it disappears and more blocks fall in from the top of the play area to replace them. This will keep happening until the playing area is full and no other blocks can be accommodated or shifted into advantageous positions.

The games pay table is to the left of the playing area on the screen, and displays the different rewards that different block combinations yield. There is also an information panel on the right, showing player stakes and any accumulated winnings. The game has a respectable Return to Player rate of 94.5% and can pay out up to 400x what was originally wagered, depending on the line formations that occur during the game.

Betting in Cash Blox

The first thing players need to do is select their bets, with the Bet – and Bet + buttons that are located below the playing area. Possible wagers start at 0.25 and go up to 10, accommodating several wallet sizes. Players then need to click on the Play or Autoplay button, depending on whether they want to carry on other activities at the same time or not.

There are other real money online pokies game parameters that can be set at this stage as well, such as pressing the Slow Mode button to adjust game speed. There are several differently-shaped blocks in the game, as well as a multi-coloured block that awards 10 free drops if it contributes to a completed line. Any wins that occur during the 10 free drops are doubled, and they can also be continuously retriggered as more multi-coloured blocks fall from the top of the playing area. Cash Blox demands some serious skill which takes time to acquire and develop, which is why most players take advantage of the risk-free No Deposit mode that the game can also be played in. By playing for free, those interested in the game can get familiar with it and to polish their block matching and moving abilities before putting down any real money.