A Closer Look at iPad 3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker is a poker variant developed by Derek Webb in 1994. He was looking to increase the play speed of regular poker to have it compete with other Casino games like slots or black jack. Webb personally promoted the game to Casinos throughout Rena, Vegas and Atlantic City with little success. It was eventually picked up by Barry Morris from Grand Casino Gulfport. The game rights were eventually sold to Shuffle Master.

The intention of Derek Web is fully realized in three card poker. Play is quick and simple with restructured and simplified hand rankings. The game however is still very true to traditional poker and as such is very simple to pick up. It is an ideal game for mobile and iPad play since it is so quick and simple to get into and fit in a few hands during lunch breaks or on a morning commute.

How to Play 3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker starts with players placing an Ante wager. They then receive three cards. Once teach player receives their cards they can make an additional play wager. The hands are resolved and a winner is determined. The hands are played against a dealer. The dealer must have a Queen high or better to keep playing. As a rule of thumb to use in betting strategy, if you have lower than a Queen High card in hand, you should not play.

3 Card Poker Hand Rankings

In order to fit into the three card frame work, the traditional poker hands have been adjusted and this is one of the great advantages that make 3 Card Poker simple, fun and fast. The lowest value card would be a single high card. Next up you will have the traditional pair, where you have two cards of the same value in hand. A flush is third highest in rank, consisting of three suited cards of the same suit. Next in value is the Straight. Just like traditional poker, a straight will be three cards in numerical sequence. Higher than a straight in three card poker is three of a kind, consisting of three cards of the same value. The highest hand in Three card poker is the straight flush. This is of course three cards of the same suit in numerical sequence.

iPad and iOS Compatibility

Gaming on your iPad can be pretty tricky. The main issue is of course the problem of compatibility. Always check any software you download or site that you visit. They should explicitly state whether the software they use or provide for download is fully iOS compatible. Generally you shouldn’t have too many issues as most Canadian mobile casinos will allow players to play their titles in a flash browser window that is iOS, Android and Windows compatible.

Real Money Wagering in 3 Card Poker

Many sites offer real money wagering in their poker games. This is a great way to make some extra cash from a favorite past time. Always use sites that are reputable and offer safe deposit and withdrawal options. All sites that offer real money betting musty also carry a valid gambling license. Do your research before you commit to anything.