Online Betting on the the F1 Grand Prix

Betting on the F1 Grand Prix races is largely considered to be a niche market, but, thanks to just how many betting markets are becoming available, and the increased access punters are able to enjoy to cutting-edge information provided by statistical analysis, there is an increasing number of ways for punters to approach this kind of betting. Online betting guides are able to provide punters with hints; strategies; tips; and tricks as to how to go about enhancing their chances of making a profit when laying these bets, and these are widely available at many sites on the World Wide Web.

An Introduction to F1 Grand Prix Betting

The F1 Grand Prix is the pinnacle event in terms of motorsports, featuring as it does the world’s very best single-seater drivers in the world’s most technologically developed and fastest vehicles. It is governed by the Federation Internationale de Automobile, or FIA, and it has been the leading racing car series since it debuted in 1950.

As it currently stands, the F1 Grand Prix is made up 11 teams with two cars participating in 21 Grand Prix races across the globe. During race weekend, teams take part in three free practice sessions; an F1 qualifying format, made up of three parts; and the race itself.

The F1 Grand Prix is the most important part of the weekend, especially in terms of online horse betting Australia, and drivers are awarded points for the highest finishing position they are able to attain. Currently, those who finish first are provided with 25 points per race; those achieving second place are granted 18; and 15 points are given to those who make it to the third position on the podium. These points then decrease in number gradually until the tenth position has been filled.

Different Markets Available for Online F1 Grand Prix Betting

There are very many markets available for punters interested in online betting in Australia on the F1 Grand Prix to take advantage of, but the key area has to be outright betting. Outright bets take place over the course of an entire season, rather than being focussed on an individual event, and although other sports have these bets typically organised before the season begins, the unique aspect of the Formula One races have them available throughout the campaign. The ever-changing stylistics in pace; confidence and form are the reason for this.

Punters are able to bet on which driver will end up winning the F1 Grand Prix and take the Drivers’ Championship, and punters are also able to bet on the Constructors’ Championship if they wish to. This is the title awarded to the team that finishes with the most points cumulatively by their two drivers after the season ends, and wins are awarded to the correct guesses as to which team will take this honour.

Punters are also able to lay a wager on the drivers who will end up on the podium after the race weekend has drawn to a close: should the driver who the punter selects finish any of his races first, or simply end up in one of the top three positions, the bettor will have been successful and win their wager according to the odds set for it.