An Overview Of FA Cup History

The 2016 FA Cup Final Scheduled for 21 May at Wembley Stadium, London

The FA Cup is the oldest and longest-running football (soccer) competition in the world. The Football Association, commonly referred to as the FA has announced next season’s fixture calendar with the 2015-16 FA Cup Final confirmed for Saturday 21 May. It means that three of The FA’s national competitions will be decided across one weekend with both the FA Trophy and FA Vase finals taking place at Wembley Stadium, London as part of a pilot double header on Sunday 22 May.

The FA Cup competition for football, or soccer as the sport is known in many parts of the world, was first held in 1871-72 with entries from 15 clubs. Since then the FA Cup has grown considerably, and a total of 763 teams entered the competition last year. The FA Cup Final was traditionally played at Wembley Stadium, London, but extensive renovations to the venue meant it was held in Wales at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium from 2001-2006. In 2007, the FA Cup final returned to Wembley Stadium, and London.

The FA Cup captures the imagination of the public, and every football-playing child because it is a knockout tournament that features all league teams from all levels of competition. Even non-league football teams could get the opportunity to play against giants like Liverpool in this format, as entry is open to all professional English teams in the Premier League and Football League. Certain other clubs from the English football league system are also eligible.

FA Cup Final History

In 2015, London club Arsenal retained the trophy after beating Aston Villa by four goals to zero, making them the most successful club in FA Cup history with a record 12 FA Cup wins. The 2015-16 FA Cup Final is confirmed at Wembley Stadium, London for Saturday 21 May. FA Cup Third Round weekend will be Saturday 9 January with the Semi-Finals also played at Wembley Stadium, London on April 23/24.

The Sport of Football

Football or soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Virtually every single country has a national team, and the sport known as football in Europe, and as soccer in most other places is the main truly global game, comprehensively and avidly supported by billions of people throughout the world. Somewhere, on whichever continent the time is currently suitable, the beautiful game is being played in front of throngs of cheering and ardent supporters. And, this game is one of the favourites of socccer online betting sites with options like the football pools considered a standard wagering option. Obviously, with the FA Cup tournament so completely capturing the public imagination, by the time the tournament arrives at Wembley Stadium, London, millions of people around the world will have wagered on it already.

The FA Cup is English Football’s biggest competition. The FA Cup Final, played at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium, brings the nation to a standstill and attracts millions of viewers from around the globe. The Empire Stadium, as it was originally known, hosted its first game in 1923, the famous ‘White Horse’ FA Cup final in which Bolton Wanderers won 2-0 against West Ham United. The entire tournament, in the build-up to the 2016 FA Cup Final, and indeed, given the true beauty of the sport being that it is so intrinsically appealing and well-supported, this is the ideal competition for sport betting.